We call it love. Or so should I say my definition of the curse

I closed my eyes. Closed them tight. Darkness. Fear. Death. Trust. Love. Mercy. Compassion. Each one circulating my mind. For how long was I to continue till this curse had escaped willingly from my soul. This was a curse. Love you called it. Happiness was it you titled it. Joy, compassion, strength.. Such feelings you brought with it. What was I to do with such love? When my happiness was for not long but felt eternal. When my strength was the reasoning to my weakness.


And my lover the air to my breath. 


I close them shut

Breathe it in

Let it out.


I wander around

Let my mind go free of your thought

Pause the memory

Then let it out.


I display my beauty to my world

Allowing it to be seen with thee naked eyes.

Hide this beloved possession

Then question is my beauty to be beautiful when seen?


I open my heart,

Its open.

Yet, it doesnt want to released.


I swear by the divine, I have not yet opened it.

And yet.

Gods treasure from heaven has blinded thee eyes,

Your essence has conquered my soul,

Making my memory surrender to you.


And your beauty has feared me the burning hell, yet

The taste of paradise you welcome me with,

Commands me to kiss the floor you walk on.