Round and Around

Oh my beloved, 

You have seized to escape from my presence.


My eyes do search you,

As time’s pulse beats, 

Moment by moment. 

My pupils dance around, 


Round and around,

Magnifying the scent you left with.


My gaze stands still,

Grasping where you had touched.


Why beloved? 

Why have you escaped my sight, 

I am eternally in recognition of your warmth, your sweetness, your breath and your touch.


Whilst you have also escaped, 

Yet you dance in circulation,

Round and around in my heart


Your movement inside me, has

Kept my pulse bearing

And my eyes searching.


My scent in recognition of your sweet perfume. 


My touch in encounter with your feel.


And my breath for the move you make inside me,


Round and around.


Just my luck

Just my luck

Her fine soul was there,
Watching with her eyes of heaven,
Breathing in the scent of her perfume,
This is,
Just my luck.

I allowed my gaze to grasp her presence,
Imagining my hands behind her spine,
Making her shiver,
Like a naked figure in the arctic,
Hair reaching out to the air,
Like a beggar reaching for gold.
This was beginning to be,
Just my luck.

The Gods of heaven,
Were depriving the desirable joys of this earth,
Just my luck.

She was all mine,
Her golden syrup curly hair was mine to feel,
Her lips of life were to whisper thee time of death,
Whilst her fluttering laughter were to remind me,
This was,
Just my luck.