Unwoken night. 

So I open my eyes, and have a sweet talk with my partner. Warmth in his tone, peaceful voice, assuring volume, and affective words. I take it all in, think, but then I switch of my thinking. I guess it is the night of my birthday, and for some reason I am counting the birthday wishes I recieve. I think it’s a funny thing that when I recieve these wishes, I feel no joy. Maybe it is to do with the fact that why would someone remember you a date that marks the day you were born, and not remember you on an average day? Why should you matter for a day and not hold any significance the other. Sometbing else is bothering I think. Hmm. I’m still writing trying to see if writing will articulate what I am feeling. Maybe it will help, maybe there is nothing I am feeling. I am feeling that there is a feeling but I feel to tell myself I feel nothing. 
Maybe better that way. Let me continue my unwoken ( if that’s a word) night. Happy birthday to me( wow I’m so important-in sarcastic voice) 


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