… And the heart shall

The eyes open, it lets you see

The doors open, it lets you enter
The mind opens, it lets you think
The lips open, it lets you feel
The heart opens, it lets you love.
The eyes close, you don’t have to see
The doors close, you don’t have to enter
The mind closes, you don’t have to think
The lips close, you can end the touch,
The heart, my beloved, has no choice.
As the eyes open again, you will still be before me
As the doors reopen, you will still be knocking
As the mind opens, my thoughts have surrendered to you,
As my lips reopen, the taste of your touch carry’s me dancing to my grave.
My love,
will conquer my soul,
for my soul is the only thing I will carry in the hereafter.Image

2 thoughts on “… And the heart shall

  1. Ali Sohani says:

    This is very beautiful and poignant. 🙂
    From senses serving their purpose to all senses being deprived of doing everything except feeling one emotion in unity, which is of yearning for the love…. and from there a realization that nothing is permanent except the love which has penetrated the soul… which has vanquished the spirit and accomplished a complete hold. An only thing which remains same forever, as senses may evolve, body may deteriorate, all forms loose their face and state, but soul and spirit would just elevate and along it would remain the essence of love forever.

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